California Roll and Udon for food lovers!

Renting this place for Party on Sunday!!

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Are you hungry? Come to us. You can get basic role with cucumber and avocado in it. Have a nice bite. Enjoy. Yes this is the procedure of having such delicious food with in affordable price.

You can have the best prepared various roll here.

Me N Roll Contact Info

Contact Info

636A Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, VIC3122

Phone:03 ) 9973 9825

Join us Franchises

Me “N” Roll wants to be an active participant in the varaity of areas to provide its valuable services through out the California and its neighbour hood. We are looking for frenchises to join us and deliver our services in different regions of the city.

As we believe in quality, ease and satisfaction of our customers so we are looking forward to shake hand with other frenchises to join

Open Daily

open time Info

Mon-Fri:11am - 10pm

Sat11am - 10pm

break time 3pm - 5 pm